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Small Logo“Steve and Debora are incredible guides. They are driven by genuine love and service. If you’re planning a trip to visit John of God you will be well taken care of by these beautiful people.” - Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of MAY CAUSE MIRACLES, SPIRIT JUNKIE and MIRACLES NOW

“Steve and Debora are the angels you want to guide you on your healing journey to John of God. Knowledgeable, intelligent, loving and compassionate, they provide insider information on how best to navigate the labyrinth of procedures required at the Casa. Debora and Steve are the five star go-to guides for your personal sacred journey. I recommend them enthusiastically and with gratitude” Reverend Alma Daniel, author of ASK YOUR ANGELS

John of God Abadiania Brazil

Maggie and Pem (Feb. 2012 group) enjoying the spectacular view from the hills in Abadiania, Brazil 


Welcome to Sacred Healing Journeys to John of God in Brazil with Steve Rozengauz and Debora Akamine, experienced and compassionate, multi-lingual guides.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your own healing and are willing to consciously transform yourself while doing deep spiritual work, it would be an honor to guide you in our intimate group trips to John of God in Brazil.  For your convenience, we offer monthly healing trips to Brazil.  

Whether you are seeking physical or emotional healing or further spiritual growth, this journey to John of God in Brazil will be a once in a lifetime transformational experience.

Steve Rozengauz at the Casa de Dom Inacio, February 2014

Steve Rozengauz at the Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil, February 2014

John of God Brazilian Healer, John of God’s Healing Trips & More

Working and living in Brazil during the last twelve years and being completely fluent in Portuguese allows me to make the planning of your Sacred Healing Journey a smooth and stress-free experience.

Take a look at the pages above regarding trip dates, trip pricing, John of God, healing, itinerary, flights, visas, budget and other useful information.

May your path be filled with love, grace, light, joy, beauty, abundance, healing and transformation!

blessings from Abadiania, Brazil,

Steve Rozengauz

Official Guide of the Casa De Dom Inacio

Healing Green Crystals

Healing Green Obsidian Crystals, Abadiania, Brazil



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John of God 1 is a John of God’s Healing Trips tour company. Our John of God Brazil Trips include John of God Emotional Healings & numerous John of God Tour Activities with our John of God Tour Guides.


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