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John of God Testimonials & Trip Reviews

Small LogoSteve and Debora are both fluent in English and Portuguese.  Their clients have come from the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, England, Ireland, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Bulgaria, Albania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Dubai, Iraq and Iran ranging from children to eternally youthful nonogenarians.   These are the John of God testimonials & trip reviews in their own words: 

John of God Testimonials, John of God Trip Testimonials, John  of God Trip Reviews ”Traveling to visit John of God is a sacred journey but it can also be daunting. In my opinion a guide is absolutely essential and finding Steve and Debora was the first of many miracles for me. I arrived in Abadiania with a broken rib, the result of an accident two days prior to the trip. This was healed the very first day, even before seeing John of God, meditation or anything. The Casa de Dom Inacio is truly a very special place. Steve and Debora’s command of the language, Portuguese, knowledge of the protocol at the Casa, which can be confusing, coupled with his caring and concern for everyone in the group made them  indispensable and an intricate part of my own healing.”   - Virginia Hulsey, Port George, VA, US

“Thank you for all that you did to make this trip to John of God problem free, interesting and amazing.  We feel truly blessed to have found you and come to Abadiania under your guidance and care.  You took care of all the little details so that we could focus on healing. When I first saw your picture on the internet I saw care and compassion in your eyes, but the patience and humor I found just as endearing.  With love and gratitude,”  - Ellen Lewis,  Framingham, MA, US

“Having Steve as a guide to John of God was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. He was not only my guide, he was truly my Guardian Angel. While being extremely professional he is also very kind, caring, supportive and sensitive to your needs. It’s like having a best friend by your side, whenever you need him he is always there for you.  I found his guidance, knowledge, wisdom and friendship to be a treasure you hold forever in your heart. I can never say Thank You enough for his infinite patience, care, love and light he shined on my troubled soul. It was a true gift and a blessing from God. “ - Magdalena Burchart, New York, US (participated four times in Steve’s groups)

“I would strongly recommend Steve to anyone who goes to see John of God. His advice and guidance helped me a lot in my healing process. He always made me feel at ease. I do not think that I could have gotten the results that I have now with my healing without him. His care, compassion and good sense of  humor were just what I needed to make this healing trip wonderful.”  - Mavis Sara, Fort Lauderdale, US

Deb4“My two week experience at the Casa last will never have been the same without the expertise and caring of  Steve and Debora. Their constant presence and dedication to the group made this adventure easy and wonderful. With their guidance one can really enjoy the spiritual retreat one seeks without having to worry about every detail, the only thing left is to go with the flow and this is priceless. From the moment they meet you at the airport to the time you are sent off back home you are cared for, nurtured, entertained and LOVED. For me, thanks to the fact that I started to communicate with Debora long before I even made firm plans to come, I  felt a friend would be waiting for me in Abadiania.  My feeling was well founded since Debora’s sweet and efficient presence made my trip an unforgettable experience, probably not the last one. And definitively with no one else.” - Michele Blechner, Miami, US 


“From the first day, I thought that Debora was a fantastic guide.  She not only took and showed us around, she made sure we were comfortable.  Being in Abadiania, a place of miracles and spirituality, I felt a little afraid and lost at the beginning.  But she made me feel safe by guiding me how to connect with spirituality while staying normal and being myself.  I think she is wonderful as a guide and wonderful as an individual person.  She gives her all to her work with passion.  She loves her work.  It’s so nice to be taken care by someone who really loves doing it!  She is caring, thoughtful, sweet, very prompt and organized.  She is a hard worker and also very funny.  But the best thing I love about her is she is REAL!  The teamwork with Steve and Debora is a beautiful harmony.  I think they have the perfect combination and I felt very fortunate to have them to be in my beautiful spiritual journey.” - Kumiko Ueki, New York, US

Going down to see John of God was on a completely last minute whim, and I had no idea whatsoever how to proceed.  In looking at all the Casa guides online, as soon as I saw Steve’s picture, I knew he would be perfect for me….and my intuition was absolutely correct!  Steve met us at the airport and immediately took charge of all details, both large and small to ensure that our experience was stellar.  Our group was small, (only seven people) all coming from the far corners of the world, but we formed a very tight and fun family immediately. The warmth and care we received from our wonderful guide, with his knowledge concerning all matters related to the Casa, as well as his innate insight into our individual needs made the healing experience both profound and enjoyable.  Steve worked with us individually to help craft and interpret our questions to present before John of God, ensuring that our most important issues would be addressed and questions answered.  I would definitely recommend using Steve as a Casa guide to get the very most out of your trip to Abadiania!    -Martha Leonard, San Francisco, CA, US

“Dearest Steve, Wow! What a journey! First of all, I want to offer you the deepest gratitude directly from my heart to yours – you truly were an amazing guide to our group and absolutely perfect for what I needed in my experience in Abadiania.  Thank you for your kindness and for being a huge part of one of the greatest life-altering experiences!  I consider you a friend and you will always have a place in my heart.” – Susan MacQuarrie, Las Vegas, NV, US


“Steve provided me with the information and assistance to make the trip to John of God. He met me at the airport, arranged the hotel accommodations and was my personal guide in visits to the Casa.  Most importantly, he was there for me during my visits with John of God. Steve has the character and ability to personally reach out and guide a journey of spiritual and physical healing. I can only describe my interaction and guidance from him as connecting and personal. Something you would only expect from a close friend or brother.  Pathway is defined as a route to or way of access something; a way of reaching or achieving something. Steve was the guide who provided me with insight to my pathway.  For me, the experience of traveling to Brazil and seeing John of God was an incredible start to a personal journey of physical and spiritual healing. Steve was my guide. I am truly fortune for his guidance and insight.”  - Kevin McCall, Los Angeles, US (participated two times in Steve’s groups)

“We often reminisce about our healing adventure and spiritual journey to John of God in Abadiania. We learned a great deal about energy healing and expanded our ability to meditate more effectively. And although we know we worked hard, the major source for our learning came from Steve’s extensive awareness of the Casa process. Without this expertise and Steve’s commitment to each participant, the group wouldn’t have received the high level of satisfaction during the two week stay. I think the most enlightening opportunities came during the meditation sessions. Incredible healing and enhanced meditation results developed due to Steve’s gentle encouragement to persevere through the novel meditation experience. It was one of the most powerful segments of time spent in the Casa.” - Perry Ellis, Toronto, Canada

Maurah“I found Debora and Steve complemented each other as a team. That is, they flowed together nicely, anticipating the group’s needs. As an individual guide Debora was thoughtful, loving, compassionate, caring, intuitive to others’ needs. She was tireless in her effort to meet the needs of the group. She was knowledgeable about John of God and the work at the Casa, giving us all the info we needed to be successful in our healing and to make smooth transitions after surgery. I also like her sense of humor…don’t leave home without it. She is an excellent guide, and I highly recommend her!!!”  - Maurah Kaunah, Elk, Washington State, US

Michael copy“Debora is that person who stands at your side and champions you.  She is someone upon whom you can always depend, and who is kind, supportive, caring, and extremely friendly.  Upon first meeting Debora, I felt an immediate connection that grew deeper with each passing day.  It became absolutely evident that both Debora and Steve are here to be of service.  The magic of their partnership is a mutual reciprocity that’s quite refreshing.  They genuinely trust, respect, and care about each other.  That uniquely complementary exchange yields a wonderful synergy that then transcends into the group and makes for an extraordinary experience.  Deb’s gentle, fun, and loving nature is the perfect counterpart to Steve’s genius, nurturing, and intensity.  Debora is a beautiful being whose presence is truly a gift to all.”Michael Blomsterberg, Los Angeles, California, USA

“I instinctively knew when I saw Steve’s profile as a guide to Brazil that he would show me the compassion that I needed to support my own quest for healing. And, needless to say, Steve succeeded admirably in not only being my guide, but also a close friend. It was easy to trust him and rely on him for comfort and insight. Traveling for the first time to Brazil to see John of God is a very sacred journey for anybody and Steve made certain that my accommodations and particular requests for spiritual growth were well taken care of. I highly recommend anyone who needs information or guidance to ask Steve Rozengauz for help and support. Thank you so much, Steve. You are always in my heart and I can’t wait to return with you again on another amazing journey.”  - Lacey Bell Whittington, Chicago, US

“I’m back from John of God in Brazil. It was a time of meditation, prayer and healing. I’ve never been that quiet for that long in my life. I experienced crystal beds and spent time underneath an exquisite waterfall. My guide Steve Rozengauz, was phenomenal.  There were many people that I met who had stories of their healing and the healing of others. This experience did help me to become more spiritual, quiet and focused on things that will help me to heal.  I have a whole new appreciation for things that I can’t see or touch. Abadiania is a wonderful, energy filled, spiritual place.”  - Eve Grossman, Oakland, CA, US

John of God Testimonials, John of God Trip Testimonials, John of God Trip Reviews

“The experience in Abadiania with Steve as my guide was indispensable! I felt confident in Steve’s knowledge of how things function at the Casa and his knowledge of the history of the country and area. He answered my questions or was able to find someone who could if it was beyond his expertise. Steve was available whenever we needed something. I felt well taken care of with Steve as my guide. Thank you Steve (and the other members in our group) for being an integral part of this life changing event for me! ” - Elizabeth Treeheart, Fallbrook, CA, US

“Steve was a great guide when I took my two teenage children to John of God in Abadiania. His planning, sensitivity and support meant that our visit was stress free, positive and understandable and that we were all able to properly benefit from our time there. He explained everything so well that we all felt at home right away. His kindness and guidance made all the difference.” - Theresa Clark, Bristol, England

“Steve is a wonderful guide who became a trusted confidante and good friend.   Steve’s truthfulness helped me to prioritize what is important.  His honesty allowed me to believe and to reconnect with God, with others, and with myself, feeling faithful and empowered through it.  Beyond his good-humor, beyond his traveled, knowledgeable, hard-working, and good-hearted self, he is a soul that “walks the talk”.  He uses his faith to guide and comfort.  It was a blessing to have had him with me on my journey to John of God.”  –Rachel Hubbard, Philadelphia, US

“It has been two weeks since we left and we all miss Abadiania and your wonderful guidance through the whole process during our time at the Casa and throughout our stay. Thank you for being so patient with us and taking care of us and meeting all our needs. We have learned so much from you. We couldn’t ask for a better guide to John of God.  My mom and aunt still keep saying what a sweet guy you are and how good you were to us. We just can’t thank you enough.  You’re like family to us.  If anybody needs reassurance using you as a guide, just have them e-mail me or call me. Thanks again. Until we meet again!  Blessings to you!”  - Yuen, Vivian, Amy, Edton, New York, US

Alice“When we first arrived in Brasillia, we were one of the last groups of people to arrive at the airport.  We were greeted by Debora and immediately felt welcome.  Starting the journey to Abadiania for the first time was very exciting and at the same time, nerve wrecking.  We didn’t speak the language and we were not sure what the conditions would be like.  Debora took us under  her wings and took care of us. Her enthusiasm for her job and love of people was evident.  She made us comfortable right away. There were so much to know and so much to remember when we first arrived at the Casa.  Debora was so organized.  I think that was the most comforting thing for us.  We knew we were well taken care of.  We were so touched by your kindness and all of your hardwork.   You also went out of your way to prepare music and meditation to lead the groups.  That was the first time I saw a breakthrough in my husband.  I never saw him so open to talk about his feelings.  I am sure being in Abadiania and in that spiritual environment helped bring him to a place of open communication but your kindness and loving way of communication definitely helped everyone to be themselves. We can not say enough about you because you are not only a guide for our first trip to Abadiania but you will always remain a friend for life.” - Allee Hu, San Diego, US

Katy“I traveled to Brazil for two weeks in June of 2013 with Steve and Debora as my guides. My experience was extremely powerful, and I truly feel I was given a second chance at life.  I am so grateful to have had this experience and to have been supported and led by these very knowledgeable and wonderful people.  I highly recommend Debora as a Casa guide.  Debora is organized and attentive.  She navigates her group through the system of the Casa smoothly and efficiently, enabling each person to get the most out of their experience.  Debora also provides emotional support, understanding and encouragement.  Her warmth, caring and kind spirit are apparent in her work.  She is passionate and enthusiastic and is truly doing what she loves!   I couldn’t have imagined a better experience, and I am so grateful that I had the pleasure of having Debora as my guide!” Katy Brown, Waterford, Michigan, US

“For the many reasons each of us find ourselves coming to Abadiania to see John of God, each of us are on our own sacred journey. Steve was there as a friend as well as a guide throughout the two weeks I was there, making the experience as memorable as it was, while getting the most out of it. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone going to Abadiania for the first time or returning. Thank You Steve.” – Gabriel Rawlings, Cape Town, South Africa (participated two times in Steve’s groups)

“I always wanted to meet John of God, but did not anticipate meeting such a nice person as Steve in Abadiania. He was my friend and my guide. He made me feel safe “under his wings”.  I am grateful to Steve from the depth of my heart.”   - Zoska, Gaithersburg, MD, US (participated two times in Steve’s groups)

“I traveled to John of God to help my friend who was sick.  Steve accompanied us as a guide and was always there for us in every situation.  With Steve we could talk about everything and above all laugh during hard times.  During my meditation, I received clear answers to all of my questions. It became clear to me that healing depends on having absolute faith and following a spiritual path. After I did this, I experienced a wonderful transformation. I am very grateful to have met a person such as Steve. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. A guide is not only his profession, it is his life’s calling! Steve, it was an honor for me to be guided by you!!!”  -Gerhard Luskandl, Ober-Grafensdorf, Austria

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had down in Brazil. You’re a wonderful guide and I hope to meet up again with you someday.  I’ve thought about you and our group daily since I’ve arrived back.  This was a life changing experience for me and for the first time ever I feel that I am truly who I was meant to be.” Sander Seymour, Santa Rosa, CA, US

“While making preparations for this sacred journey to John of God, I knew I had to find a guide that understood my intentions.  After doing some research, I felt very lucky to find Steve.  We clicked immediately and I knew I had made the right choice for me.  Steve is kind and compassionate.  He listened and shared my fears and joys without judgment.  Having Steve as a guide helped make my trip so much more enriching.  When I left the U.S. for Abadiania, I was a bit anxious about the journey ahead. Upon arriving in Brasilia and meeting Steve face to face, I felt comfortable and calm.  Steve was so considerate and helpful that I cannot imagine having done this journey alone.”  - Francesca Sunkin, Lexington, Kentucky, US

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