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John of God Healing Trips

Small Logo“Right before coming to Brazil they found cells that weren’t full blown cancer but were “on the edge” and another surgical procedure was recommended.  I had an appointment with the doctor scheduled right after I returned from Brazil to sign the consent papers and schedule the surgery.  I canceled that appointment and told them I wanted to schedule another biopsy, instead of surgery as I was doing some things to help myself and wanted to give my approach a chance. Well, we did all that and the results of the biopsy came back yesterday. Everything was negative and no surgery will be needed! Life is GOOD and I’m happy.  Thank you for all that you did to make my trip to Brazil extraordinary”  - V. H.  Richmond, Virginia, US
“Besides all the deep healing from visiting John of God, this trip has led to more life transforming events, a lot from one conversation with someone I met in Abadiania.  I also just moved in with my partner last month whom Spirit has brought into my life. Spirit has blessed us with a relationship I didn’t know existed!  I feel so blessed! I am growing so much right now especially about ego. Feels like the requests I made in Abadiania are being fulfilled! So much healing on all levels! WOW!” - A. S. California, US

“I traveled to John of God to help my friend who was sick.  Steve accompanied us as a guide and was always there for us in every situation.  With Steve we could talk about everything and above all laugh during hard times.  During my meditation, I received clear answers to all of my questions. It became clear to me that healing depends on having absolute faith and following a spiritual path. After I did this, I experienced a wonderful transformation. I am very grateful to have met a person such as Steve. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. A guide is not only his profession, it is his life’s calling!” - Gerhard Luskandl, Ober-Grafensdorf, Austria


While neither John of God nor your guides can guarantee how your healing will manifest itself, all people going in front of John of God receive healing.  It is said that John of God does not heal diseases, but goes to the heart of the issue and heals the roots of your disease.   The healing starts as soon as a person commits to going to Brazil and continues after the return home.

John of God and the healing entities work on the physical, emotional, spiritual and karmic (past life) levels.  Some people report being healed on a physical level of medical conditions that their doctors had given up on.  Some do not notice any change while they are at John of God’s Healing Center, but then notice that their condition improves when they return home.  Others experience deep emotional healing and tremendous spiritual growth.

After sitting in the current room for meditation, many people begin to understand what they need to change in order to help their healing process.  When there are physical diseases, something is out of balance.  Some people are in the wrong job, living space or relationship, while others need to change their behavior (patterns that may no longer be serving them) or how they view the world.

Each person needs to make changes, take responsibility for their own healing and continue their spiritual work once they return home.

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no amount of proof is sufficient.” -  St. Ignatius of Loyola

Your guide will work with each person individually in Brazil to help them focus and figure out what requests will be presented to John of God (you can present up to 3 requests every time you go in front of the Entity).  Your guide will then translate these requests into Portuguese.

When going in front of John of God, a person will give their request or issue and will be scanned by the Entity.  The Entity knows what sort of treatment should be prescribed.

The treatment may consist of a prescription of energetically charged herbs; a spiritual surgery; a person may be asked to sit in the current room for meditation and prayer; given crystal bed treatments or asked to go to the Sacred Waterfall.  The healing entities work primarily through these methods.

The healing entities work on people everywhere in Abadiania: while you are sitting in the meditation room, during the spiritual surgery, while meditating in the Casa gardens, while eating the blessed soup after the Casa morning session, while resting in the guesthouse after a surgery and at night while sleeping (most people report having vivid dreams).

John of God Emotional & Spiritual Healings

There are two sessions per day at John of God’s healing center, one that starts at 8am and another at 2pm.  It is possible to see John of God twice on these days, although most people will be sitting in current, getting crystal bed treatments or recuperating and resting from spiritual surgery.

All visitors are requested to dress in white on the days when they will be attending the Casa. It is recommended that a person come for a minimum of two weeks.

John of God has recommended that first time visitors to Abadiania hire a guide since it takes a couple of weeks to understand the complex protocol regarding how things function at the Casa.  Your guide will meet you at the airport and will accompany you throughout your unique healing  journey.

Your guide will help you understand the complexities of your healing process and give you sufficient space to focus on your healing instead of worrying about what rules to follow, what questions to ask John of God and if you are doing the right thing.

At the end of your stay, your guide will make sure that you know what you need to do in order to continue your healing at home.

Those who are ready to do deep spiritual work and take responsibility for their own healing, experience deep physical, spiritual and emotional shifts.  It is when we drop our expectations of how and when we expect our healing to manifest, once we surrender and trust, once we open our heart to loving ourselves and truly receiving love from others that deep healing can occur.

Come on a transformational journey to get deep emotional and spiritual healing from John of God in Brazil!


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