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John of God Trip Itinerary, John of God Tour Activities, John of God Trip Plans

Small Logo“It has been two weeks since we left and we all miss Abadiania and your wonderful guidance through the whole process during our time at the Casa and throughout our stay. Thank you for being so patient with us and taking care of us and meeting all our needs. We have learned so much from you. We couldn’t ask for a better guide to John of God.  My mom and aunt still keep saying what a sweet guy you are and how good you were to us. We just can’t thank you enough.  You’re like family to us.  If anybody needs reassurance using you as a guide, just have them e-mail me or call me. Blessings to you!”  - Yuen, Vivian, Amy, Edton, New York, US

John of God Trip Itinerary, John of God Tour Activities, John of God Trip Plans

Sunday (before first day of trip)
Flight from your home city to Brasilia (the capital of Brazil), most flights leave in the evening and are overnight.

The international flights to Brazil arrive in the early morning.  Our trusted driver will meet you at the airport in Brasilia.   You will take a 1.5 hour air conditioned drive on a comfortable highway to Abadiania. Your guide will meet you at the hotel reception upon arrival.   Check-in to your room at the hotel.  We will have lunch.  You will have a tour of the town so that you will be familiar with its layout. Those wishing to have crystal bed sessions can schedule them for today or tomorrow.  Send e-mails/call family.   Those needing to purchase white clothes, can do so in the afternoon.  Take a nap and rest after flight. A group meeting to open the healing space and create a sacred, supportive environment for this healing journey.  Dinner at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel.  We will take a tour of the facilities at John of God’s healing center.  We will have lunch.  Get to know the town, swim, get some sun, take a nap or go for a walk.  Schedule a private session with your guide to go over your requests for John of God. We will have dinner at the hotel.  A group meeting to go over the routine for the first visit to see John of God.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
6:30am-7:00am Breakfast. Everyone should be ready to go to the Casa by 7:00 am.

8 am-11am approx.  Morning Session with John of God.

11am Eating the Blessed Soup after the Morning Session.

12-1pm  Lunch

1-2pm  Free Time

2-5pm approx.  Afternoon Session with John of God

6pm Dinner

7pm  Group Meeting to see how everyone is doing, sharing information.

After 10pm Sleep/Rest

Members of the Sept. 2009 group hailed from Zurich, Switzerland

John of God Tour Activities, Trip Plans & More

Saturday – Monday
Everyone is encouraged to remain in Abadiania for the extended weekend.  Several days of rest and quiet contemplation will be welcome after the intense work at the Casa. People benefit by taking this time to rest, meditate/journal in the Casa gardens, read, go to the Sacred Waterfall,  take short walks, nap and lounge in a hammock, have crystal bed treatments, get a manicure/pedicure/haircut, swim, socialize, enjoy healthy juices, vitamin-rich acai and other fresh fruit concoctions at the local cafes, watch the beautiful sunsets, shop for souvenirs, handicrafts or jewelry.  For early risers, there is wonderful bird watching, communing with nature or doing a sunrise meditation.  For those who are interested, there will be screenings of spiritual films.  On Sunday morning, there is an interdenominational prayer service.

You can volunteer to cut vegetables for the blessed soup which is served to everyone at the Casa.   We will make a visit to the Casa da Sopa (Soup Kitchen) which provides meals and education to the residents of the city.  You will also see the Mayor’s Office, City Administration and the Municipal Court of Abadiania.   Preparation for the second week’s work at the Casa.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
The same schedule at the Casa as above as well as bringing photos of family members and friends in front of the entity.  Everyone who has had surgery during the first week, will have a revision with John of God. Everyone will be asked to spend as much time as possible in meditation in the current rooms. Taking pictures with John of God at the end of the Friday afternoon session.

Those interested can schedule crystal beds in the morning or visit the Sacred Waterfall one last time.   After lunch (or dinner for late overnight flights) check out of the hotel in the afternoon.   A  tour of the spiritual and architectural highlights of Brasilia (for a small additional fee, for those interested).  Then we drive to the Brasilia airport to catch flights home.  

Please contact Steve & Debora – John of God Guides by e-mail at

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