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Small Logo“Steve was a great guide when I took my two teenage children to Abadiania to see John of God. His planning, sensitivity and support meant that our visit was stress free, positive and understandable and that we were all able to properly benefit from our time there. He explained everything so well that we all felt at home right away. His kindness and guidance made all the difference.” - Theresa Clark, Bristol, England

John of God attending people and writing prescriptions

Casa de Dom Inacio (The House of St. Ignatius) -  John of God’s Healing Center is located in Abadiania, in central Brazil, 1.5 hours from the country’s capital Brasilia.

The Casa welcomes visitors of all religions and nationalities.  Jewish rabbis, Hindu swamis, Protestants, Catholics, Muslims and Buddhists as well visitors from 28 countries have visited John of God.

John of God has recommended that first time visitors to Abadiania hire a guide since it takes a couple of weeks to understand the complex protocol regarding how things function at the Casa.

The Casa Main Hall

Hiring a guide also helps a person focus all of their energy and attention on their own healing and not worry about procedures, rules and what they should be doing.

It is recommended that a person come for a minimum of two weeks.  All visitors are requested to dress in white on the days when they will be attending the Casa.

John of God’s healing center is located on Avenida Frontal which is lined with cafes, restaurants, travel agencies, internet cafes, pharmacies, shops selling white clothes, jewelry and souvenirs.

The Casa Meditation Garden

The location of John of God’s healing center was chosen because it sits on a powerful energetic vortex and on one of the largest quartz crystal deposits in the world.  Quartz amplifies the healing energy which is generated by the entities.  Everyone who comes to Abadiania can feel the gentle and peaceful energy there.


Casa de Dom Inacio, John of God Meditation Garden & Sacred Waterfall & More

An underground stream flows through beds of quartz crystal purifying it in the process.  On the territory of John of God’s healing center, in a lush natural setting this stream turns into a cascading waterfall .  This is a Sacred Waterfall where the entities continue their healing.  A visit to the waterfall is a favorite experience at John of God’s healing center.

Eating the blessed soup at the Casa

The Casa de Dom Inacio is surrounded by gardens full of orchids, roses, mango and avocado trees. The quiet and calm of the gardens is pierced by boisterous shrieks of green parrots and the soft buzzing of hummingbirds.

The property has a lookout point with a magnificent view of the lush countryside.   Silence is maintained in the gardens, this is where many people come to meditate, read or write.

John of God’s Healing Center (Casa de Dom Inacio) has been beautifully designed in order to handle everyone who comes here seeking healing.

The Casa gardens are full of roses, orchids and fruit trees.

All of the visitors to the Casa have an opportunity to receive deep healing on the physical, spiritual, emotional and karmic (past life) levels.  Many people receive tremendous insights about their issues and how to transmute them, ushering in deep transformation and expansion of consciousness.

The results of the healing work at the Casa can serve as an instrument of awakening in order to place a person firmly on their spiritual path.  For those who have been on a spiritual path for some time, visiting John of God can produce major shifts which result in moving forward gracefully while receiving clear inner guidance.

Join us for this Sacred Healing Journey to the Casa de Dom Inacio in the heart of Brazil and the innermost depths of your soul.

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A dog in a meditative state in the Main Hall of the Casa

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