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Why Go with a Guide?

Small Logo“Hi Steve, I would like to thank you and Debora for everything that you did for us.  That was an amazing and beautiful trip.  Your work, dedication and knowledge was outstanding.  You go beyond the call of duty.  I felt really blessed to have you by my side.  Thanks again.  Love, your eternal friend.” – Amparo Ramirez, Los Angeles, US

Sharamentsa 2011 629

Aba April 10 205

The April 2010 group visiting a local orphanage.

Going to John of God with a guided group adds a beautiful dimension to the healing experience during your Sacred Healing Journey in Abadiania.

The group dynamic is truly remarkable as people who come from all parts of the globe, people who would never meet under different circumstances, bond like a loving and supportive family.

Everyone learns to trust each other by sharing their experiences and their joy as well as their fears and doubts.

Daily group meetings and discussions allow the participants of the group to share their healing process and to reflect on how to move forward on their healing journey.

These discussions are like a mirror being held up for everyone to focus on loving oneself and to face their fears, doubts and blockages while moving forward gracefully at their own pace.

Additional tools such as meditations and visualizations which are taught in a group setting help the participants to continue their spiritual work when they return home.

The May 2013 group hailed from California, New York, Chicago, New Zealand and Uruguay

The May 2013 group hailed from California, New York, Chicago, New Zealand and Uruguay

While doing deep personal work and focusing on the issues that need to be healed and transmuted, a group environment adds a wealth of opportunities for learning and healing while sharing films, music, stories, wisdom, tears, laughter and lots of fun.

Sometimes a light touch, deep empathy and listening without judgement are the necessary ingredients for allowing in deep forgiveness, love and letting go of the patterns of behavior that are no longer serving us.

A journey to Abadiania to see John of God is a very intimate and personal transformative experience and being part of a group of people doing this journey together is an amazing thing. One of the best parts of having a guide and participating in a group, is the evening group share time. This provided me with a great opportunity not only to share and make public my experience but also hear the experiences of others.  The connections that result bond group members and allow one to feel part of a community.  Being able to share and hear from group members expands the experience and creates unity in purpose. I truly love the evening group shares as they provide me with a sense of belonging, being part of community, knowing that I am not alone.  It is a beautiful thing.” – Holly R., New York

Your guides Steve Rozengauz and Debora Akamine are experienced group leaders who have a wealth of knowledge working with groups in Abadiania.  They are responsible for holding a sacred space and creating a safe environment where sensitive issues can be discussed with the necessary support to create permanent change.

Calendario Maia-Retiro de Palhaco 2587

Members of the July 2011 group visiting the Community Soup Kitchen.

With the beautiful work of the Entities of Light who work at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil, deep healing occurs on many levels and in many dimensions.

This healing work allows people to return to their lives and create the permanent changes that they have been seeking.

We welcome you to join us on your Sacred Healing Journey to John of God in Brazil to experience deep healing and forgiveness, to let go of what is no longer serving you, to open your heart to let in the love and the light, to practice compassion and non-judgement and hold the energy of possibility and the divinity of all humans.

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