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Small Logo“ It became absolutely evident that both Steve and Debora are here to be of service.  The magic of their partnership is a mutual reciprocity that’s quite refreshing.  They genuinely trust, respect, and care about each other.  That uniquely complementary exchange yields a wonderful synergy that then transcends into the group and makes for an extraordinary experience.  Deb’s gentle, fun, and loving nature is the perfect counterpart to Steve’s genius, nurturing, and intensity. ”Michael Blomsterberg, Los Angeles, US 

“My two week experience at the Casa would never have been the same without the expertise and the caring of the team of Steve and Debora. Their constant presence and dedication to the group made this adventure easy and wonderful. With their guidance one can really enjoy the spiritual retreat one seeks without having to worry about every detail, the only thing left is to go with the flow and this is priceless. From the moment they meet you at the airport to the time you are sent off back home you are cared for, nurtured, entertained and LOVED.”   - Michele Blechner, Miami, US



Debora (left) with Elena from the April 2013 group.

Debora Akamine has been working in Abadiania at the Casa de Dom Inacio since 2011.  In April 2013, she joined Sacred Healing Journeys.

She now resides in Abadiania full time and works as an official guide at the Casa de Dom Inacio, John of God’s healing center. Debora is also a Daughter of the Casa de Dom Inacio and a medium.

Debora is a Brazilian of Japanese descent and was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city.

Besides her native Portuguese, she speaks fluent English, a language she perfected while attending high school and college in New York.

Having lived in the US and traveled to other countries, helps Debora to be a bridge between the Brazilian culture and other cultures, making sure foreign visitors feel at home while they are in Brazil.


Debora with Jim and Cybil, May 2013

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Before fully committing herself to a life of service at the Casa de Dom Inacio, Debora worked as an international tax consultant for one of the Big Four accounting firms in Sao Paulo.

It didn’t take long for Debora to realize that her passion was working with spirituality and supporting people on their Sacred Healing Journeys to John of God.

This shift from a corporate career to one of spiritual service was not surprising since spirituality was introduced early into her life by her mom who is a Vedic astrologer.

Debora’s spiritual interests include psychic readings, energy healing, auras, astral projection, akashic records, clairvoyance and psychic development, chakras, meditation, connecting with spiritual guides and angels.


Debora (left) with Michele, April 2013

Some of her favorite authors include Rebecca Rosen, Steven Pressfield, James Van Praagh, Sanaya Roman, Wayne Dyer, Brene Brown, Dan Millman, Don Miguel Ruiz, Edgar Cayce, Rumi, Paulo Coelho, Gregg Braden, Byron Katie, Julia Cameron, Lilou Mace, Paramhansa Yogananda, Jasmuheen, Marianne Williamson and many more.

In Abadiania, Debora has had an opportunity to learn about spirituality from the numerous teachers and spiritual seekers from the far corners of the globe who come to visit John of God.

Debora also continues to do her inner work between the groups that she is guiding.   This inner work helps her to walk her talk, be more patient, loving and compassionate during the Sacred Healing Journeys in Brazil.


Debora is passionate about her work as an Official Guide at the Casa de Dom Inacio. She is  committed to serve others in a spirit of deep compassion and dedication.

Debora creates a safe environment and a nurturing healing experience. This way people can be focused on their own healing process, as she makes sure that everyone feels completely safe and comfortable, that they are really being taken care of on all levels (emotional, spiritual, protocols of the Casa, all logistics and organization).


Debora in the center with the August 2013 group which hailed from New York, Los Angeles, Durban & Johannesburg, South Africa, Seattle and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Here are some testimonials about Debora’s work:

“Debora is that person who stands at your side and champions you.  She is someone upon whom you can always depend, and who is kind, supportive, caring, and extremely friendly.  Upon first meeting Debora, I felt an immediate connection that grew deeper with each passing day.  Debora is a beautiful being whose presence is truly a gift to all.” - Michael Blomsterberg, Los Angeles, US

“From the first day, I thought that Debora was a fantastic guide.  She not only took and showed us around, she made sure we were comfortable.  Being in Abadiania, a place of miracles and spirituality, I felt a little afraid and lost at the beginning.  But she made me feel safe by guiding me how to connect with spirituality while staying normal and being myself.  I think she is wonderful as a guide and wonderful as an individual person.  She gives her all to her work with passion.  She loves her work.  It’s so nice to be taken care by someone who really loves doing it!  She is caring, thoughtful, sweet, very prompt and organized.  She is a hard worker and also very funny.  But the best thing that I love about her is, she is REAL!  The teamwork with Steve and Debora is a beautiful harmony.  I think they have the perfect combination and I felt very fortunate to have them to be in my beautiful spiritual journey”  - Kumiko Ueki, New York, US

“As an individual guide Debora was thoughtful, loving, compassionate, caring, intuitive to others’ needs. She was tireless in her effort to meet the needs of the group. She was knowledgeable about John of God and the work at the Casa, giving us all the info we needed to be successful in our healing and to make smooth transitions after surgery.  I also like her sense of humor…don’t leave home without it.  I could go on and on about all of Debora’s positive attributes. Suffice it to say, she is an excellent guide, and I highly recommend her!!!”- Maurah Kaunah, Elk, Washington State, US

“Debora is very professional, knowledgeable and energetic.  Her natural instinct is to assist others in making the most of their experience.  She will anticipate your needs and answer your questions before you even ask.  Her kindness and authenticity makes her a wonderful choice to guide you through the inner workings of Abadania and the Casa.  If you are planning a trip to see John of God for the first time, you need a guide. Debora Akamine would be an excellent choice.” Christine Schmieder, New Jersey, US


IMG_7794_2Steve Rozengauz works as a full-time John of God Guide at the Casa de Dom Inacio, John of God’s healing center in Brazil.  Every year, he offers 12 monthly group trips to John of God in Brazil.

Steve has lived in Brazil during the last 12 years and speaks perfectly fluent Portuguese.   He has been working as a John of God guide during the last five years.

Before becoming a medium, son of the Casa de Dom Inacio and John of God guide, Steve was a global executive who worked in New York, Moscow, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo.  Today, he is also a holistic life coach who practices reiki, meditation, sound healing and shamanism.

Steve’s own journey of spiritual awakening began in earnest when at the age of 28 he was diagnosed with cancer.  At this time, questions of life and death, as well as soul purpose moved to the forefront of his consciousness.

After healing from cancer using traditional Western medicine, Steve went back to a busy corporate routine where spirituality took a backseat to the demands of his professional life.

Spirituality came knocking on his door once again in 2003 after Steve lost his father to pancreatic cancer (he was not yet aware of John of God nor his healing work).  It was at this time, that he became interested in alternative medicine, energy healing, soul purpose work and meditation.

After being trained as a medium, Steve visited John of God in Brazil.  He was inspired by the many people he met in Abadiania who were healed and decided to help others make this journey.  Steve was authorized by John of God to become an Official Guide of the Casa de Dom Inacio and bring groups on healing journeys to Brazil.

It is a privilege to do this kind of work and Steve fully understands the importance of having a safe and nurturing healing experience.  He does this work with an open heart, profound dedication, professionalism, caring and deep empathy.


Besides English and Portuguese, Steve also speaks fluent Russian and Spanish.  He will translate all of the communication between you and John of God and always be by your side when you go in front of John of God and present your requests or ask questions.

Steve divides his time living between Abadiania and New York.  Having lived in Brazil during the last twelve years, Steve is completely fluent in Portuguese and is passionate about the Brazilian culture and its friendly people.

Steve is an experienced group leader, spiritual guide and coach who has also worked as a professional tour guide in Rio de Janeiro.  He is compassionate, caring and sensitive to people’s specific needs.

While some guides bring large groups consisting of 35, 40 or even more people, Steve and Debora’s groups are small and intimate, making your journey more personal and fulfilling.

Steve and Debora will provide the necessary space and support so that you can focus on your physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

The combination of their experience, fluency in Portuguese, dedication and compassion, make Steve and Debora ideal John of God guides for visitors to Brazil.



Please contact Steve & Debora – John of God Guides by e-mail at

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